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Who does not love to have the best hunting crossbow? My research of finding out the best hunting crossbow ends when Carbon Express PileDriver 390 hunting crossbow catches my sight. This is my second season with this hunting crossbow and it provides me with the same performance as it did in the first season.
For a long time, I was looking out for the best hunting gadget with outstanding features at a reasonable price. Millions of crossbows came across me but very few were successful to inspire me. Some were very heavy and old fashion, while others were expensive. Similarly, if a crossbow is available at a low price, it has a slow speed or any other week point. At times, I found it very difficult and impossible to find out the best crossbow for myself.
Luckily, Carbon Express PileDriver got my attention. Honestly speaking, I love this hunting crossbow at my first glance. Its unique and elegant design speaks about its amazing and tremendous features. I have hunted many times with Carbon Express PileDriver and its performance has never let me down among my hunting circle.
Blistering speed of Carbon Express PileDriver has inspired my father also. This time he also buys this durable and long life hunting crossbow for himself. Moreover, he found this hunting crossbow easy to use and maintain. In addition, it is not difficult to carry out this hunting gadget with yourself because of its lightweight.
Unfortunately, this superior hunting gadget has some weak points. I had a terrible time while assembling this hunting gadget. The instructions and pictures for assembling Carbon Express PileDriver are not sufficient and does not give proper guidance. Due to which I wasted much of my time on assembling this crossbow. Other than this, Carbon Express PileDriver is just perfect for all the hunting lovers looking for the best crossbow 2019.
Carbon Express PileDriver – Fast speed hunting crossbow:
When it comes to hunting with a fast crossbow, no one can beat the blistering speed of Carbon Express Piledriver. I am using this hunting crossbow and I am just amazed at the fast speed of this crossbow. The high speed of this crossbow does not affect the performance of Carbon Express PileDriver, this feature distinguish Carbon Express crossbow from other fast speed crossbows.
Carbon Express is a well-known brand that has presented a number of crossbow models. I have personally used some of its models. No doubt, this brand always give something unique and valuable to its customers. But this time it is leading the market by inventing Carbon Express PileDriver 390 hunting crossbow.
As a matter of fact, Carbon Express is known as a leader of innovation because of its unique and innovative crossbows, crossbow accessories and arrow accessories.
The invention of Carbon Express PileDriver 390 has added to the value of the Carbon Express brand. Durability, lightweight, fast speed, high performance, and best price are the worth looking feature of Carbon Express PileDriver.
Unfortunately, this high-performance hunting crossbow is a little bit difficult to assemble than the other crossbows. Usually, a crossbow takes 10 to 15 minutes for assembling. But Carbon Express PileDriver wasted my more than 20 minutes. Moreover, the instructions given with the crossbow for assembling were not explaining properly.
I reported at their customer support center and they handle my case in less than 10 minutes. Praises for the fast customer support service of Carbon Express brand who assisted me in a very nice manner. Moreover, they assure that they are working to make assembling of Carbon Express PileDriver easier to avoid any inconvenience.

Features of Carbon Express PileDriver:

Carbon Express PileDriver has hit the list of best-hunting crossbow for 2019. The features, performance, quality, and speed all is just amazing. It’s like a dream crossbow that offers the best features at a reasonable price.
Adding more to it, Carbon Express PileDriver hunting crossbow is the perfect gadget for professionals as well as beginners. It’s smooth working and high performance has made itself the best crossbow in the world.
Thus, if you are a beginner and looking for the high performance and simple crossbow, then Carbon Express Piledriver 390 will best suit you. Its lightweight and reasonable price has attracted a large number of newbie hunters. On the other hand, its blistering speed has gained the attention of many professional hunters also.
Let’s look at the few but amazing features of Carbon Express PileDriver that have made this hunting crossbow a favorite hunting gadget of this year.
Here we go!
Carbon Express PileDriver has a shooting speed of 390 feet per second that has made this model of crossbow unique and distinguished from all other crossbows of Carbon Express.
Draw weight of crossbow must be considered while buying a high-quality crossbow. Carbon Express PileDriver hunting crossbow has a draw weight of 185 pounds
Carbon Express PileDriver 390 uses Anti fire dry technology. This feature distinguishes Carbon Express Piledriver crossbow from millions of crossbows available in the market
The weight of the crossbow has a direct influence on the performance of the hunting crossbow. Lightweight crossbows offer high performance than the crossbows with heavy weight. Carbon Express PileDriver is 5 % lighter than other crossbows available in the market
Carbon Express PileDriver 390 offers the best performance to hunters. Due to high performance, many professionals also recommend this high-quality crossbow
Assembling and maintenance of Carbon Express PileDriver 390 are not as much difficult as it seems to be. Carbon Express PileDriver hunting crossbow comes with complete guidelines that provide assistance to beginners while assembling crossbow
Customizable performance and adjustable butt shocks of Carbon Express PileDriver hunting crossbow is another amazing feature to look at while buying this quality crossbow
Cutting long story short Carbon Express PileDriver has hit the list of best hunting gadget with its top quality features. The above-stated features are just few that are worth looking at and that impresses me also.

Experts reviews about Carbon Express PileDriver 390:

You will be surprised to know that the quality and performance of Carbon Express PileDriver 390 has not just inspired me and my family but it has gained the attention of many professional also. Throughout my journey of finding out the top rated hunting gadget, I was just amazed to see that how this quality crossbow is winning the hearts of all the hunting experts.
During my journey, I get a chance to meet up some top hunters of the world. And the best part is that they have used this high-quality crossbow many times during their hunting trips. The feature that amazed most of the professionals and experts was its lightweight and durability.
Carbon Express Piledriver 390 is highly durable and can be used for many seasons. Moreover, its quality and performance will not decrease with the passage of time. This is the best point of Carbon Express PileDriver 390 that has made many experts fan of this quality crossbow.
Adding more to this, according to hunting experts Carbon Express PileDriver 390 is easy to handle and is highly portable. You can easily take this hunting gadget with yourself on hunting trips. Carbon Express PileDriver 390 weighs 7.2 pounds, making it 5% lighter than other crossbows that are available in the market.
To conclude, I must say that Carbon Express PileDriver hunting crossbow has filled the market gap by providing the best quality crossbow for professionals and beginners at a reasonable price.
Wrapping up:
Choosing a single best gadget from a plenty of gadgets is hard. The process becomes more difficult when a number of gadgets offer quality features and are slightly different from other gadgets. Same was my situation when I was looking for the quality and high-performance hunting gadget.
Throughout my hunting journey, I have used many hunting crossbows from different manufacturers. Each time I tried my best to figure out the best crossbow. In the beginning, all hunting gadgets appear to be of high quality with amazing features. Sadly, they were of no use in the next season. Their quality and condition do not allow me to use any of the gadgets for two seasons consecutively.
But this time I am happy that I have finally found a quality crossbow. Moreover, it’s my second season with Carbon Express PileDriver crossbow and still, its performance is like the first day.
Sadly speaking its speed is not as fast as it is written on the pack of Carbon Express PileDriver. Still, it proves to be fast speed hunting crossbow than the competitors.
To end, I recommend all the hunting lovers who are looking for the outstanding hunting crossbow, just use this hunting crossbow once. And you will definitely become a fan of this hunting crossbow. Moreover, it does not make a difference that you are a beginner or professional, it is perfect for both.
Thus, before wasting any further time, enjoy your hunting trips by shooting with a high performance and fast hunting crossbow. But before making a final decision I suggest you do a research at your end also. And after buying Carbon Express Piledriver, share your first shooting experience with us. We will love to hear from you.

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