Barnett Brotherhood Crossbow Review

Are you in the market for a premier crossbow? Stay a bit longer and see what our Barnett Brotherhood Crossbow Review has to offer you! The Brotherhood is a powerful device and well balanced and to add to its perfection it is incredibly light.

The crossbows ideal for the archer that enjoys being on the move and combined with some exceptional features.

Why the Brotherhood Crossbow is the best choice ?

The first thing that impresses you when you take this crossbow out of the box is how easy it is to assemble the Brotherhood Crossbow. The manual is easy to use with describing the process. All the pieces fit nicely together and you do it by installing the riser on the stock, attach the foot stirrup, mount the quiver and the scope and you are ready for action.

Now how well does this crossbow shoot – excellent! It fires arrows at a speed of 350 FPS generating 109 ft. LBS of kinetic energy (a powerful device that will penetrate right through an engine.) The scope offered with the crossbow once sighted in is very accurate up to 60 yards.

Is the crossbow easy to cock ?

Yes, the Barnett Brotherhood Crossbow is easy to cock as it has a cable system with crosswire string that you pull back. However, some consumers complained that it does not come with a rope-cocking device. Drawing back the strings is smooth but with a cocking device even better.

The device is also compatible with a crank cocking device and there are some great Barnett ones available. However, the rope-cocking device may be your best option as the crank one is difficult to turn.

It also has an anti-dry fire safety mechanism that works perfectly when used with a light trigger pull

Design and Safety of the crossbow

The crossbows frame is sleek and has a dynamic finish and light while the risers made from magnesium and designed with a 7 – 8-inch Picatinny rail. This is ideal for hunters as it has a finger guide keeping your fingers out of the firing mechanisms way.

The width of the crossbow is 19-inches and wider than its counterparts, but still narrow to carry around. It only factor that will come into play for hunters is that the Brotherhood crossbow is noisy. The best is to install string silencers with vibration dampeners. You can easily hunt big game with this device from bears to buffalo.

Specifications and Features:

  • One great feature on the Barnett Brotherhood is the anti-dry fire trigger as it helps you to not shoot the crossbow without the arrow,
  • It does have anti-vibration isolation but still on the noisy side,
  • The trigger is smooth and pulls at 3.5 pounds with metal injected mold,
  • It is finished of with lightweight composite stock with a crosswire string, and cable system,
  • Comes with a magnesium STR riser and 4 x 32mm scope,
  • Designed with finger reminders and a pass-through foregrip,
  • Designed with a CNC machined 7 – 8-inch Picatinny rail,
  • Measures 19-inches from Axle to Axle,
  • Has a speed of 350 FPS with a draw weight of 160 and weighs 7 pounds, and
  • You receive a 5-year limited warranty

What is included in the package ?

  • The Brotherhood crossbow,
  • A multi-reticle 4 x 32mm scope,
  • The tools and hardware for assembling the crossbow,
  • The instruction manual and warranty card,
  • 3 arrow quiver, and
  • 3 x 20” headhunter arrows

Consumer Feedback

When you read, the Barnett Brotherhood Crossbow Reviews available from Amazon there are some clients pleased with the crossbow for being solid and easy to use. Other consumers are not that pleased with the engineering of the crossbow. More than a 100 consumers have rated the crossbow with 4.5 stars and that is excellent compared to some other brands.

Pros and Cons related to the Barnett Brotherhood


  • The bow is easy to assemble and lightweight when used,
  • When it comes to accuracy the scope helps a lot and has great firing power,
  • Enough kinetic energy is generated throughout the bow as it generated 350 FPS,
  • The device is manufactured well and pleasing to the eye, and
  • You can hunt large game with it from deer, elk, moose, bear, and great for target shooting.


  • It does not come with a rope cocking device,
  • A bit on the loud side when used,
  • Some people complained that retrieving the arrows from the quivers difficult

Final Thoughts

If you do not want to break, your bank when buying a crossbow this device may be right for you. As you can see with our Barnett Brotherhood Crossbow Review, it is an excellent device with power when used in all ranges. The scope itself has a good level of use making the crossbow more accurate when used. As with any product, there are some minor issues, but it does exceed expectations and the quality and gets the job done!

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